Friday, November 21, 2008

EPF - 8% deduction from employee

Almost 3 months without any updates in my blog.
Left home early this morning to buy breakfast for wife and end up reaching office quite early =)

Alrightee, let's get down with something that has been circulating in our mailbox nowadays (especially for those who are working). Many people send me mails that talk about the 8% EPF deduction from employee's salary. This is part of the mail content (just some calculations):

Assume monthly basic salary is RM4000.
- If your monthly EPF contribution is 11% ( RM440 ), taxable income = RM3560, income tax payable = RM77.
- If your monthly EPF contribution is 8% ( RM320 ), taxable income = RM3680, income tax payable = RM109.
Conclusion : If you choose to contribute 8%, you will end up paying more income tax.

What say you?
I'll definitely stick with 11%.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

US Trip Part II - Hotel Suite 273

1) The place where I stay

2) Hotel's structure

3) The living room

4) The bedroom - there are more pillows than the lights

5) The jacuzzi in the bedroom

6) Mini bar + mini kitchen with microwave oven and fridge (hidden)

7) The bathroom and jamban (partly hidden)

US Trip Part I - Thank You!!

Most of the people know that on the 4th of July, the Americans celebrate the Independance Day but 4-July-08 was a tough day for me. I'm suppose to leave for the USA on this day for a month of business trip. Why tough? I should be happy because of the golden opportunity to fly to the States. It's tough because I'm leaving a lovely pregnant wife alone at home for a month. It's really tough.. Anyway, I really thank God for giving Su Mei strength and all that she needs in this particular one month. And I'm glad that Su Mei has been doing well even though there were times where she finds it so hard to cope. But I just wanna say "Darling, you have made it for the one month!! You rock!! Love you!!"

I also wanna thank God for good Samaritans who came to help and take care of Su Mei especially to Eileen who came and stay over for a few nights, also to Qing Ling (my daugher) who came and spend hours with Su Mei, and Kathleen who came with a purpose to study (but then not sure if she was really studying hehe...). Also a BIG thank you to Pr Sam and all the church staffs, Pragas and all the youth leaders, Angeline, Kig Ling and Caroline. I may not be able to name all and may missed some of your names whom have helped us, I apologise but really thanks for helping us.

Also wanna thank God for His strength. He has been faithful to both of us and He has been blessing us with favors from others. The one month in US has been great where God sent good people to take care of me. The people in the company where I was are really great!! Thumbs up for them and their first-class hospitality. Just imagine, I was staying in a hotel suite (read carefully, is hotel suite, not hotel room) with a jacuzzi in my bedroom, wah lau eh!! I can't ask more than that =) I'm so thankful to God for all this.

One again... THANK YOU!! (to God and all of you)

I will try recapture and write about my one month trip in Lansing, Michigan and share it with all of you... till then, God bless and take care!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm back and will be back.....

Phew... at last, I'm back to my own blog. Anyway, I'm not fully "back" yet as I'm now preparing for my US trip. Will be in Lansing, MI for a month. Anticipating lesser time to blog =)

Alright, till the next time I write again!

God bless and take care!!